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EABA v2.01
EABA v2 is the next edition of our universal rpg system, designed from the ground up for use with tablets or other computers.
Soft Landing
soft landing is a boardgame for today. Each player controls a nation or group of nations, and is trying to keep their own people happy in a world of declining resources.

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CORPS (for EABA v2)
They know that you know about them. And they're coming to get you.
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Aethos(for EABA v2)
Aliens, politics, exploration, intrigue, ancient secrets, chaos and war? Yes.
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Purgatory Bay
Sometimes you can't go home. Purgatory Bay is an experimental rpg outside the normal EABA mold.
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Verne(for EABA)
Men of steel in the age of steam. Not your grandfather's steampunk.
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Blacksburg Tactical Research Center is a little game company nestled in the Appalachian foothills, slowly and tediously handcrafting the finest role-playing games and supplements for a small audience of die-hard fans, and for new converts acquired through word-of- mouth advertising. We do it because we love the work. Though managing to get some non-game fiction published would be nice too...


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The EABA v2 combat model

EABA v2 uses a new system for "combat time". Everyone loves to do "stuff" in a fight, but aside from standing in one spot and shooting (or swinging), getting things done in the normal turn scale of a second or so is really difficult. Hotwiring a car, hacking a computer, defusing a bomb, all kinds of stuff that happens in movies, but which is a bit unrealistic to cram into a ten-second firefight. So, EABA v2 uses an expanding turn scale that accentuates the immediate in the early stages of a fight and the dramatic in the later stages. This lets one player say "I'm shooting at the bad guys", and another say "I run around the building, hotwire a car and then crash it through the back wall". And both of these actions work out on the same time scale, using the same set of rules. It's cool, it's different, I think you will like it.

If you want to see more, click on the EABA v2 menu item and download the free quickstart version of the system.

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A relentless and surgical strike team from the farthest reaches of space – sworn to exterminate the X-O Manowar armor and all like it – have finally found their last target. They will hunt. They will trap. They will kill. And they will rid the universe of the X-O Manowar’s incalculable destructive power…even if it means taking the Earth with it. In the tradition of the universe-shaking HARBINGER WARS, Valiant’s biggest heroes begin the summer’s blockbuster 18-issue crossover event right here in Armor Hunters #1 (of 4) – and then launch the resistance against the world’s first full-scale cosmic threat with...
The samurai of Rokugan are both warriors and diplomats, serving their clans on the battlefields and in the courts. No true samurai can afford to neglect either field, lest they be found wanting at the critical moment. The Empire’s most famous works of strategy — the Book of Sun Tao and Otomo Madoka’s Subtlety of the Court — are studied by countless samurai who seek the crucial edge that will mean victory. Sword and Fan, the latest supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition RPG, explores every aspectof the samurai’s two most important activities: war and politics. Viewed...
A Tale of Necessary Evil There’s a mole in Red Jack’s Omega cell. Is it Acrobat, the fallen hero whose mentor died at Red Jack’s hands? The ghostly Horseman? The incomprehensible Golem? The goth necromancer Nepththys? Only one thing is certain: when the truth is revealed, someone will fall. Hard. Wendigo Tales: Necessary Evil: Fallen is available at DriveThruFiction.com!

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