btrc6110_119x153Code:Black is a modern horror setting. Yeah, there's plenty of those out there. Some are dark, some are supernatural, some are heroic. Code:Black is none and all of the above.

Adventurers are part of the Brotherhood of Gilgamesh, an ancient organization the world doesn't want to admit exists, fighting a war no one else believes in. Dangerous, grim and able to seamlessly incorporate just about any horror mythos, book or movie, Code:Black is a struggle for survival and soul, both for humanity as a whole and for each individual who takes part in the secret war. Download a sample here.

EABA Code:Black v1.0 (US$12.00)

btr6111_119x153In 1982, something happened in Brecken Ridge, WV. Something so terrible that the world didn't want to know about it. So terrible that the survivors didn't want to be reminded of it. Even most Brotherhood agents do not have clearance to know about the town and what transpired there twenty-five years ago. The world forgot Brecken Ridge. All but a handful of the survivors moved away and never talked about it to anyone. They didn't want to remember, and no one else wanted to know. A small industrial town of 20,000 souls for all practical purposes, vanished.

But just as the Blind are not the least bit curious about the overgrown, blocked off exit on Route 219, the Sighted and Evils who get too close are inexplicably drawn towards the deserted town. And like moths drawn to a flame, they can get burned.

Brecken Ridge is a unique campaign location for Code:Black, a 20-page setting with history, NPC's, a short adventure, a long-term plot and detail about the small Brotherhood outpost that stands a lonely vigil over the town the world forgot.

EABA Brecken Ridge v1.0 (US$2.00)

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