btrc6105_119x153 TimeLords. The Designers developed time travel to help them escape the heat death of the universe, but instead found extinction in the distant past.



By a twist of fate, humanity inherited the ability to manipulate their technology, for better or worse. Everything you know about history has been shaped by those rare individuals who can Jump through time and dimension. And now, unprepared for it, you have become one of those individuals... EABA TimeLords is the third edition of this classic rpg, whose most unique feature is that it lets you design adventurers that reflect your stats and abilities, thrust into infinite time and space with only your wits and your friends to help you survive.

And by the time you unravel the mysteries of dimension hopping and can return home again, will you even want to?

You can also generate alternate historical versions of yourself, regular members of a Time Patrol like the Guardians, or combine the two. TimeLords contains a huge amount of background information on the universe(s), including real and alternate histories, and a bibliography of time travel fiction, time travel movies and other time travel role-playing games. Download a sample here.

EABA TimeLords v1.1 (US$11.00)

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