mwwglogois the cult classic, politically incorrect rpg that no gamer should be without. It may not make rabid fundamentalists foam at the mouth as much as if they found a blood-stained altar in your game room, but it's a lot more legal, and not nearly as messy. Unfortunately, it is also out of print and there is no pdf edition.

mwwg_illoMacho Women with Guns is reverse-sexist and blatantly chauvanist role-playing taken to its obvious limit. Everyone has to be busty babes with guns, and the major role-playing goal is to find creative new ways to blow up the established order of things. Where else are you going to find skills like "Run in high heels", "Hit things with other things" and the ever-popular "Do technical stuff"?

MWwG was created as a response to a slew of blatantly sexist RPG products apparently aimed at horny teenager gamers with Madonna fetishes, in an era when you still had to get most of your porn at sketchy bookstores. My thought was "what are the two elements that make these products fly off the shelves?". The answer was "scantily clad women and guns". So, over the course of an afternoon I designed a game around those principles, got a local artist to illustrate it, and published it without even playtesting it. Damn thing made more money for me than anything I've done since. It's been published in half a dozen languages, licensed for miniatures, gotten me numerous convention invites, and decades later, I'm still the "Macho Women" guy.

The future
MWwG will return. Probably as a iPad optimized pdf edition, filled with easter eggs, hidden text, puzzles and as much humor, bad taste and gratuitous violence and skin as I can manage. I want to make something that will generate its own fan site, just so people can put their heads together and try to figure out everything that is in it. It may take a few years, but if you played the original, then you know your kids will want something better...

What you got
A book of rules and a short adventure, with your choice of four cover illustrations. You have to supply three six-sided dice. What more do you want?


Not that they really matter, but characters are built on points around five attributes, special abilities and skills, which use a 3d6 system for resolution. Departure from the rules for humorous effect is strongly encouraged.


The only supplement for Macho Women is More Excuses to Kill Things, which is a pack of new and reprinted role-playing and tactical scenarios for the game, along with a mini-solo adventure in case you just want to play with yourself. It also comes with a neato-keen 17 x 22 poster to annoy your friends with.

Macho Women with Guns, stock #3005, suggested retail US$9.95
More Excuses to Kill Things, stock #3006, suggested retail US$9.95 Sold Out!

Hey! If you are interested in a not-safe-for-work 'macho women' page, try If you're over 18, go download a sample. It's hilarious and appalling at the same time.

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Yeah, you do know that gremlins multiply when they get wet, right? Now it was bright light they couldn't stand.

As to MWwG, if you must use a HPL title as a source, how about "At the mountains of madness" ?
Posted: 5 months 1 day ago by Admin #6936
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The gremlins are easy. Either bring a super-soaker or show up after midnight. Unless they were already the bad gremlins, I guess. Give ET a cell phone with unlimited minutes.

In other news, I do have a plan for a MWwG deck-building game, tenatively titled "The Doom that came to Newark" (and yes I know about an ill-starred Kickstarter of similar name).
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I have MWWG, RNOW, BWBFH and MWWG:TFC. The one time we.played it we had an.adventure.where a group of MWWG stormed Steven Speilberg's home to tar and feather him for his portrayel of women in ''Indiana Jones and the temple of doom.''

Unfortunately it was guarded by gremlins, thuggee cultists and a really annoying alien with telekinetic powers.
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Not mentioned are the two other first ed supplements: Batwinged Bimbos from Hell, and Renegade Nuns on Wheels.
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